The Nordic Game Jam (April 13-16 2018) combine game creation, with a Developer Conference and a Startup Conference. This creates a unique way of networking, learning and generating new businesses within and around the game industry. The event builds on 12 years of experience of Nordic Game Jam.  The goal is to strengthen the focus on business, combined with the creativity of the game jam, therefore the startup conference is added to this years event.

This was the first year that the startup conference was added as one additional day. The program of the Startup Conference was a focus on the business side of the game industry and things you need to be aware of when publishing your game and starting a company. 

It was interesting for us to see if the startup conference would be well perceived. People liked the program of the conference, especially our interview by Johan Toresson from Gamesport and publisher Good Sherpards Ben Andac. - Astrid, NGJ Main Organizer

The Startup Day is important to help young studios in the right direction when founding a company, but also to make an industry where people focus more on the business side even before they have the funds to attend the bigger conferences. 

One of the jammers told me: "thank you for helping me also talk with fellow developers on the business in the game industry - I really needed that space"  


  • 472 people attending
  • 40% women
  • 31 Nations
  • 88 Games made
  • 37 Speakers
  • 27 Volunteers
  • 100% Vegetarian food
  • 0% Hours of sleep 
  • 100% New friends and colleagues made 



Astrid Refstrup, International Game Developers Association