There is no value in the ideas we have unless we have the ability to present them. Speaking and presentation skills are directly linked to raising funding, selling an idea or a product and being able to inspire your team. This is something that is still weakly acknowledged in the Nordics. There is not enough education for speaking in universities and not enough opportunities to challenge yourself and practice. Therefore there is a huge need to encourage people to speak up!

The event was an open mic speaking competition for 300 Nordic university students and entrepreneurs. The event was organized to emphasize the importance of speaking in entrepreneurship, motivate future entrepreneurs to learn to impact through words and to provide an opportunity to develop these skills and challenge oneself. By coming together, the Nordic entrepreneurship societies can support the learning and unique shortcomings of each other as well as create a culture of building up our future together as a united Nordic alliance. 



The TalkUp competition was organized as a part of FallUp, the largest entrepreneurship event organized for students in Europe. This year the event also attracted international audience, making it possible for the students and entrepreneurs to network and learn from international companies. 



Ville Lehto, Aalto Entrepreneurship Society