Inclusion is one of the priority challenges of tomorrow. Increasing inequality reduces growth and leads to social and economic instability. Around the world, public and private sector representatives, international organizations and civil society are collaborating and innovating to create better opportunities for all. These so-called “inclusive businesses” seek to address the global challenges of poverty in a way that is also profitable. The inclusive solutions of today unlock the long-term growth opportunities into the future.

The Inclusive North project seeks to address these challenges by connecting the most promising Nordic startups in the inclusive business space with an international ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors through two mechanisms:

  • The Inclusive Innovation Factory event to be held in Berlin in October 2017 - and particularly through engaging Nordic startups in co-creation labs with international actors.
  • The Inclusive Business Accelerator platform and global community - for connecting inclusive business ventures with investors, mentors, education, tools and other forms of support. 


Inclusive North provided an effective way to connect Nordic businesses with this ecosystem in a somewhat simple and cost-effective manner, allowing them to take full advantage of these services and network.

As for the project partners, the collaboration will continue. This project enabled  to look for mechanisms and structures for continued collaboration. Furthermore, it has also strengthened the collaboration with the IBA platform, by the end of November, the project succeeded to have more than 15 Nordic start-ups registered at IBA, and with this the next milestone was achieved.



Mike Debelak, Inclusive Business Sweden