VR-resan 2017 was a joint Nordic initiative to strengthen the Nordic ecosystems around VR/AR, which established direct connections to the VR/AR ecosystems– and business opportunities in Asia. China, in particular, is a go-to market for VR companies, thanks to its widespread VR arcades and huge population.

The delegation consisted of Nordic Born Globals, creative industries, companies, organisations and thought leaders with an interest to expand their business networks and knowledge about VR/AR counterparts in the Asia. Futhermore, the companies were introduced to studios, investors, distribution channels and relevant companies for licensing. 

During VR-resan, which took place in March 2017, Cloudberry in co-operation with Netprofile, Technoport and the Nordic VR-foundation brought participants on an immersive experience to the cities where the future of VR/AR is created: Shenzhen/Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. In Tokyo the delegation got the chance to visit and network at the Slush conference. 


The trip started in Seoul with visits to hubs like Maru180 to demo and pitch. In Beijing, the booming VR-industry in China, they met the biggest distribution platform and got advice on culturalization requirements mixed with hustles and opportunities. Down in Shenzhen they visited the HTC’s VIVE café, as well as visits to mobile firms, studios, DJI (drones), IOT-accelerators and the largest electronics market in the world, Huaqiangbei. Finally in Hongkong, the VR delegation visited Facebook to learn more about WeChat-ification and their Asia plans.


Marie Claire Maxwell, Cloudberry Communications