VR-resan 2017 is a joint Nordic initiative to strengthen the Nordic ecosystems around VR/AR, which will establish direct connections to the VR/AR ecosystems– and business opportunities in Asia. China, in particular, is a go-to market for VR companies, thanks to its widespread VR arcades and huge population. During VR-resan to be held in March 2017, Cloudberry in co-operation with Netprofile, Technoport and the Nordic VR-foundation will take participants on an immersive experience to the cities where the future of VR/AR is created: Shenzhen/Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. In Tokyo we will participate at the SLUSH-conference. We will invite Nordic Born Globals, creative industries, companies, organisations and thought leaders who want to expand their business networks and knowledge about VR/AR to join us on a journey to meet and build business ties with counterparts in the Asia. 



Marie Claire Maxwell, Cloudberry Communications