The #NordicMade trip was arranged the first time in 2015 in New York and Tokyo respectively, to promote the dynamic Nordic startup ecosystem. The Nordic New York trip, and associated program, contributes to building closer links between the Nordic hubs, strengthen the cohesion between the countries, both on a Nordic level but also with an international mindset. It is also a great opportunity to connect the Nordic startup community with other relevant global startup hubs. Now it’s time to take over NYC for the second time!



Through showcasing the Nordics at different locations around the world, we create traction to the Nordic region and position it as a front runner in tech. It is all about connections. We want to find synergies, connect like-minded entrepreneurial people and create value through learning from each other and create startup communities around the world that nurtures entrepreneurship.

The goal is to increase movement within the Nordic region as well as increase the knowledge of the Nordic startup region in NYC and increase the VC capital flow into the region. 

 The participants included numerous startup community organizers and founders.  Photo Joonas Linkola

The participants included numerous startup community organizers and founders.  Photo Joonas Linkola



VC and media/PR office visits

A lot is happening in NYC and you need to be efficient to keep up. Therefore, the best way to get the most valuable connections and insights from the local VC and media world, is through a half-day visits to the most prominent venture capital firms and PR offices in town.

NYC X Nordic meetup at Idean, Times Square

The Nordics x NYC meet-up is geared towards providing the general public and local startup community to meet with the Nordic startup delegation - anyone with an interest in the region is welcome to join. The event will be co-hosted together with NYU Future Data lab, who will also help out to reach out to the local incubators and accelerators.

Nasdaq opening bell ceremony

The Nordic delegation will be doing the Opening Bell ceremony at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York’s Times Square to celebrate past and future collaboration. The ceremony will also be the soft launch of The Rising North project, which will make it easier for valuable project of this sort take place. The bell ringing is going to be live streamed on Bloomberg, CNBC, and FOX, and get traction in several Nordic tech and mainstream medias.

Nordic Showcase evening event at WeWork, Time Square

The Nordic delegation invites the East Coast investor and tech community to explore the Nordic startup ecosystem through engaging keynotes, pitches and networking over some light refreshments. This is a more exclusive event to a more targeted group of medias and venture capital firms.

The Nordic Crew get-together in NYC with Lemonsqueeze

Lemonsqueeze is a Brooklyn based market expansion platform that allows European businesses to quickly establish and scale in the United States, with successful cases like Falcon Social in their back pocket. The team will be hosting a workshop for the Nordic delegation on how to scale and survive on US soil. Based on last year’s feedback, a get-together with the only the Nordic crew was something that lacked. This year we see it at very important to use this opportunity to really network, get to know each other use this opportunity to further strengthen the collaboration. 

 The #NordicMade community got to ring the Nasdaq opening bell in New York City.  Photo Joonas Linkola

The #NordicMade community got to ring the Nasdaq opening bell in New York City.  Photo Joonas Linkola



Annaleena Kuronen, Slush