+ When are the application deadlines for 2018?

This is the final year we are giving out grants to projects that support the Nordic startup ecosystem. There has been two application deadlines during 2018: Q1–1.3.2018 and Q2–21.5.2018. The final funds have been granted and thereby we will not be granting any additional grants this year. Please follow our social media channels to stay updated on the future plans of the fund.

+ Is it possible to get feedback on the application before sending it?

Yes! Especially if you are unsure about something, please feel free to send the draft to us and we'll read it through and get back to you with feedback.

+ What kind of partners do applicants need to have?

Each project supported by Rising North must have participation of at least three organizations with legal entities from three different Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway). In other words, one main organizer and two co-organizers. Choose partners that you know that can help you execute your project and make it as impactful as possible.

+ Why do we need to have three participating organizations for three different countries?

Each project needs to have three organizers from three different countries because Rising North is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers which works to enhance Nordic collaboration. One of the main objectives of Rising North is to increase cross-border collaboration and that's why we require also project applicants to have have a pan-Nordic element in their projects.

+ Can I include more co-organizers than the three stated in the application??

Yes, you can, the more the merrier. However, in the application you need to be able to show that the project has three organizers from three different countries.

+ How much outside financing should a project have?

We don’t have a specific amount of funding that each project must have. We only require that each project must have some kind of other funding also. The more you have outside funding the better your chance is to also get funding from Rising North. This shows that also others think that the project is worth executing. The other source of funding could come for example from sponsors, ticket sales or the organizers of the project.

+ What kind of costs can be covered with the grant?

Almost any costs directly related to the project can be covered with the grant. There are, however, a few things that a grant cannot be used to be paid. These include salaries, project overhead costs or costs not directly related to executing the project and direct commercial activities of applicant organizations.

+ What does the application process look like?

The application process has three phases: 1. Drafting & sending the application. 2. Evaluating the application 3. Informing the applicants of the results. Applicants are informed of the results 6 weeks after the deadline has closed. The application itself is made up of three parts: comprehensive application, budget estimate and application form. More info on and make sure to download the application template to learn more about the application process and required information.



+ Who evaluates the applications?

The applications are evaluated by the Rising North Steering Board which consists of Nordic investors and other ecosystem members. The board makes a suggestion on which applications to fund to the board of Startup Foundation which then makes the final decision on which applications receive funding.

+ If an applicant receives a grant when is the grant paid out?

Currently Rising North pays the grants out in a few installments depending on the size of the grant. These installments are paid out based on the completion of milestones set by the applicant. The milestones could include for example: selling x number tickets, finalizing the list of participants, submitting in the end report etc.

+ What needs to be included in the reporting?

The specifics are sent to those who receive funding but on a general level the end report includes the following: an extensive written report, a realized budget, copies of receipts and other material (including. pictures, videos etc) from the event. More info is on the Rising North website under Funding Guidelines.

+ Can you apply for funding multiple times?

Yes. But we are looking to finance as many different ideas and organizations as possible and in order to increase your chances of receiving funding again, organizations are encouraged to look to partner up with different organizations in future projects.

+ Is it possible to change co-organizers after the project has been granted funding.

If there is an significant change in the participating roles and the original co-organizors is not participating in the organising parties, it can be change. However, it will take time, since the startup foundation's board has to approve the new co-organizer entity. Please make sure that, prior to sending in the application, that all the participating organisations are committed to the project.


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