You can find the application link at the bottom of this page. To apply for a grant from the Rising North, please follow the instructions below and on the application platform very closely. The application consists of organizational information from the three applicant organizations, project information, specification regarding the budget of the project, and additional supporting materials.

Before applying read through the funding guidelines to make sure the project is in accordance with Rising North guidelines and policies. More help can be reached through filling in the send idea form or sending us an email at hello (at)


The application is filled in which you can get to by pressing the apply bottom at the bottom of this page. Meanwhile, you can start gathering the needed information with the help of the application preparation material and application template below. You will need to register on to the application platform, one person from the three applicant organizations will suffice. The platform will automatically save your progress so no need to manage everything on one go.



The budget is an important part of the application. The final budget will be filled in on the application platform. We need to know at least the estimated costs and incomes associated with the project. Each project supported by Rising North also needs to have other sources of funding. State these sources or potential sources (e.g. ticket sales, sponsors, partners, own capital etc.) in the budget section on the application platform. The more specific the budget is, the better. State all amounts in EUROS.


3. Supporting Material

Any supporting material may be included. These are not obligatory but could help with the evaluation of a project. This material could include marketing material, schedules, plans, designs or other material related directly to the project. Return the material as a single PDF file. If the material cannot be turned in as a PDF (e.g. videos) submit a link to the folder containing the material.